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  • Claire Landers

Action needed: Paid Sick Leave in MD (guest post)

Child in the snow

Hello and happy snow day! Now here's some unsettling news...

Senators Zirkin and Brochin are not yet on board to support the Earned Sick Days Bill (SB 230)!

Yet, Shelly Hettleman, Dana Stein & Dan Morhaim ALL voted YES on the House version which overwhelmingly passed last week.

Zirkin has offered 'weakening' amendments on the Senate floor today - This is NOT good. Brochin is likely to run for County Executive and will want Jewish men and women in the county to support him. These are our Democratic leaders?!

Please sign "Baltimore Jewish Women for Earned Sick Days" petition here.

This is a "Women's Issue" we must speak up about - One of every 4 women in Maryland does NOT have access to a single paid sick day! They are 'docked' pay or even risk their jobs if they stay home sick or stay home with a child who is ill.

That's just not right - especially in a "blue state."

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